Best Flowers to Plant in the Summer

Best Flowers to Plant in the Summer

Has the Spring been extra busy? Don’t fret! It’s not too late to start planting beautiful flowers in your garden. Many flowers can be sown in the summer. Flowers that have a variety of heights, colors, and benefits to bring joy and light to your sanctuaries. For suggestions, check out our short list below.

Marigolds are bright and warm flowers that bloom in yellow and orange hues. They are low maintenance and require lots of sunshine. After the soil warms, Marigolds can be directly sown. They bloom in 55 days.

Asters are directly sown and bloom in 85 days. They sprout best in soil temperatures around 70 degrees. They are mainly bright purple and lavender but can bloom in pink and white.

The Blanket Flower is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and long-blooming flower. They bloom in purple, red, orange, white and yellow. They are also great for containers and cut flowers.

The African Lily, also known as Lily of the Nile, is a high maintenance flower. It requires full sun or partial shade. Water it at least once a day.