Christmas Lights

We can create an environment that’s beyond your imagination

Have you ever gone sightseeing around Tulsa looking at Christmas lights? Endless rows of evergreen firs and cedars sit and wait to be adorned and displayed as the center attraction in someone’s home. Of course, it’s hard to do or see any of this if you’re busy with your holiday decorating. Whether it’s your private residence, a public space, or a business storefront, Perfection Outdoors has the holiday lighting display to fit your needs.

Perfection Outdoor uses LED lights; these lights will be custom to your home and produce the most radiant light you can get out of an LED bulb. Our Christmas lights will light up your home and give you the holiday display your neighbors wish they had!

Give Perfection Outdoor a call today to secure your appointment for the best lights in Oklahoma.

Design. Transform. Enjoy

Let your home or business shine this holiday season by contacting Perfection Outdoor. We offer a wide array of unique, beautiful holiday decorations and can create a customized holiday lighting display just for your property. Contact Perfection Outdoors today at 918-98-GREEN to start working on the holiday spirit you’ve been dreaming about all year!

We will custom measure your home, to ensure your lights fit perfect on your roofline. We will keep your custom lights in our storage facility during the off-season, so there is no need to take space at your home.  Our professional installers will hang your LED bulbs and take them down for you.

We have pictures of current and past clients that we can share with you upon request. We also do commercial properties; we are the company that was selected to do all of the Christmas lights for the Cancer Research Center in Tulsa among other business.

Please gives us a call for a quote and any other questions you may have.