Landscape Design

Distinctive Landscape DESIGN at its Finest

We are experts when it comes to designing attractive and functional landscape design. We will do all areas including residential,  commercial, playgrounds, and any public spaces.

Our landscape design team uses various techniques and is fully trained to handle any job. We will gladly work closely with you to develop a design plan specific to your wants and needs.

You can be satisfied that our work provides innovative and aesthetically-pleasing environments for people to enjoy while ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable.

Things to consider:

Get a fresh perspective

Before you can choose which projects to start with, it helps to see your landscape with new eyes and a broad, overall view. We get so used to our landscaping that it can be hard to pinpoint what others might see.

There are two simple tricks to seeing your landscape with a new viewpoint. With both of these techniques, the goal is to forget what you think you know about your scene and to see instead what is there.

The first is an old artist’s trick. Stand back from your landscape, far enough away that you can see all of it at once. Then squint your eyes until they blur, and try to clear your mind.

There may be areas that, when viewed with blurred eyes, appear dark and overgrown. Some areas might feel messy because there are too many small plantings, statues, or pots. Or, you may have an area that is bright and clean, but a little too bare. All of these insights can give you a general idea of which projects to tackle first.

The second technique you can use to see your landscape design with fresh eyes is to have our team create a rendering of what your yard can become, once we redesign your space.

Define the borders and add mulch

Clean edges fool the eye into seeing the entire landscape as neat and well-maintained. If the lawn has crept into your garden beds and created an uneven line, then defining the border can improve the look of the whole landscape design.

Prune overwhelming shrubs

While pruning can be harsh to tackle if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are a few simple pruning techniques that can make a fast difference.

Just remember that you don’t want to prune anything severely if you can help it, or attack anything with the hedging shears unless the plant is quite clearly meant to be a hedge. That kind of pruning makes it evident that the maintenance got out of control.

Instead, focus on subtler ways of pruning. One technique that makes shrubs look neat with little effort is to “skirt” them. Skirting is when you prune around the base of a bush, removing any branches that are within 6 inches of the ground.

Another pruning task is to prune any plant that is touching the house gently. Plants that lean on the home can cause chipped paint as well as mold and ant infestations.

Add color with paint and pots to your landscape design

If a focal area isn’t drawing the eye as it should (think front door, patio, and seating areas), a bold shot of color can be just what’s needed. While the obvious solution is to use container plantings, there are a few essential points to remember.

First, less is more. Choose just one or two larger pots that have a distinctive color or shape, rather than lots of small containers that can feel cluttered.

Next, go for a simple one- or two-color planting scheme that highlights what is unique about your home, like the color of the stone, trim, or surrounding shrubs.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of paint. If your patio furniture looks tired and worn, it will be hard for potential buyers to envision themselves sitting there. Freshly stained or painted patio furniture can draw the eye and help buyers imagine the great times they’ll have in their new landscape. Choose a color that picks up on some element in the landscaping, and add a few cushions to set the scene.

Beautifying one yard at a time.

We care for establishing lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing and removing thatch, and trimming and edging around flower beds, walks, and walls. We will spray and mix or spread fertilizers when needed. We can attach supportive stakes to plants and trees for extra support and of course, we mow and edge lawns, using our Perfection methods.