Perfection Outdoor Solutions: Diverse Services for You

Perfection Outdoor Solutions Diverse Services for You

Perfection Outdoor Solutions: Diverse Services for You

At Perfection Outdoor Solutions, we are really a diversified company with a truly broad-spectrum set of services. What does that mean?

Most outdoor companies do irrigation and lawn care. Many of them do tree work and snow removal. But how many of them provide Christmas lighting for properties? How many of them build fences and pergolas?

We do all of that, and more, with an eye toward quality of design, and quality of workmanship. Our philosophy of business is that customers crave a one-stop shop where they can network with one single vendor and have a great back-channel relationship, so that when they want to improve a property, their phone list is a lot shorter. Whether you’re maintaining a vacation house, jazzing up a store front, or flipping a row home, time is money!

With that in mind, here are some more of the key services that we offer to keep your property looking its best.

Construction Cleanup

Cleanups and hauling are two surprisingly popular services with pretty high demand in the community.

In so many cases, there are cleanup and hauling needs that aren’t built into some contract, or are too much for property owners to manage on their own. This can be anything from removing old appliances to abating various kinds of post-construction debris that are making a property look bad.

Our crews come in and provide the services that you would otherwise possibly get from some local firm that only does hauling. This helps, again, to keep you able to make these decisions quickly, and benefit from consolidation of services.

Hardscaping, Masonry and Retaining Walls

We have masons, too. In all seriousness, hardscaping is another popular service, and many people don’t know who to call for these kinds of long-term installations. We excel at evaluating your needs for a retaining wall or other hardscaping project and bidding these projects competitively.


Does your average local landscaping company know about planting native seasonal flowers for the best environmental solution?

Municipalities and big businesses tend to hire specialty environmental firms to do their flowerbeds, with contracts that might reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We fold this into our bids for customer services, because it’s another key part of providing a great final result – the difference is that we make it affordable rather than padding the cost.

Check out our website to see more of what we offer. You’ll see vibrantly colorful outdoor solutions that really maximize the value of a property to visitors and inhabitants. We’re excited to help you leverage the value that is in your property, and we’ll work with you toward your goals.